Monday, November 24, 2014

Let's Talk NaNo: I am seriously sleep deprived!

11:46 PM
Word Count Goal(WCG): 30,000 words
Current WC: 26,020

Dear Fellow Crazy Writers,
Does the above noted time warn you of my level of sanity?
Well, Readers, it's officially Day 24 of NaNoWriMo, but for a writer like me, there is ALWAYS something to blog about. Which is why I am blogging so late. At night and in the month.
I just decided to write a blog on a whim, and here I am.
Let's talk writing.
Last night, I got two thousand words ahead, and am now deliriously happy. Sunday nights are the worst ones to stay up on, but it's worth it, right? My plot seems to be coming along nicely, which is great, but my writing is rapidly deteriorating.
Today's Worst Sentences Ever!:
'Suddenly, something went straight through my chest.'
I mean, seriously, what IS that? I am this sad right now over that one little sentence.

I think we've all had that sleep deprived sentence that we look back on and think, "What could I possibly have been distracted with to turn out a sentence like THAT?"

I've had at least a hundred of them. You're not alone. I'm pretty sure that every Wrimo reading this has stayed up late, written sentences while they were half asleep. (Psst:that's what I'm doing right now!) Monday morning is the absolute worst. I know because I felt absolutely awful when I woke up this morning. Here are my tips for conquering your early-morning struggles:
1) Put your alarm clock, if you have one, across the room from your bed.
I have seriously the most annoying alarm ever. It's this super loud, buzzing BEEP, BEEP! that kind of makes me lose my sanity. It is sitting on my dresser a couple feet from my bed, and every morning I drag my butt out from my nice warm comforter to turn it off. Gets me out of bed. Yay.

2) Stretch. 

It may sound stupid, but doing a few quick stretches wakes you up a bit, gets your blood flowing, and loosens you up. Just give it a try. You might like it.

3)Skip the caffeine.

I love coffee as much as the next guy (PSLs, mmm!) but that burst of energy in the morning isn't gonna last long. We all know that. Although a homemade frappucchino is not all that bad in the morning...
Must resist the urge...

Lastly, try not to stay up too late. I know, I know. I have been struggling to be in bed my ten thirty since the beginning of the month, and not once have I gone to bed before one o'clock in the morning. But still, try to get organized, guys. We're all struggling with it. I have homework, babysitting, Orchestra classes, Drama classes...the workload is enough to drive me crazy. I'm sure all writers are just as busy as I am. SO...I'm working on it and you can too.

I love y'all! Love writiting, and fellow Wrimos, DON'T get discouraged this close to the end! You CAN reach that Word Count Goal!

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