Top Five Lists...

Things That Got You Through Nanowrimo

Here's my list...


  1. Austin and Ally marathons...don't judge, they got me through a thousand words at a time!
  2. Kristina Horner's NaNoWriMo YouTube videos- You should check them out! I love the five-minute vlog vids that summarize her whole month. 
  3. Word sprints. Essential!
  4. My candy stash. (Ugh, I feel like such a junk food junkie...)
  5. My writing buddies! I didn't get buddies until late in the month, but I really appreciate it, you guys...I like having buddies!XD

And an entry from SageTail! Yay, my first reader mail...


  1.  Tea. I have a new kind of tea every NaNoWriMo and I swear it increases productivity.
  2.  My mum seriously helped and encouraged me.
  3.  Mindlessly eatable things - that is, Rice Chex, bland wheat crackers, flavorless popcorn, anything that I can eat without thinking about.
  4.  My Word Count Calendar. A person called Ellie on the YWP NaNo site makes Word Count Calendars, which tell you how much you need to write each day. Mine saved my novel. 
  5. My tablet-laptop. This one is pretty weird, but I recently got an itty-bitty tablet-laptop and I love writing on it.

Thank you so much SageTail!
Please send in your top five list to my NaNoWriMo YWP address:

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